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Earlobe Repair

Piercing your ears puts the earlobes at risk for stretching, tearing and keloid scarring (a benign growth on scar tissue). Because of their location, the tears are often split and are very visible. Earlobe repair surgery fixes the split and enables you to wear earrings again.

Ideal candidates :

Good overall health individuals with

Torn earlobes

Irregular ear piercing holes

Large or sagging piercing holes

Surgery provides smooth, unbroken surfaces on the front and back of the ear, with minimally visible incision lines. You may choose to reconstruct the piercing hole in the ear at the time of surgery or have it re-pierced at a later date.

Procedure :

For a torn earlobe, the procedure consists of “freshening” the edges of the split by removing a small amount of skin. Then using fine sutures, the split is stitched together. Be careful not to have your ear re-pierced in the scar or just above the scar. The scar is weaker than the surrounding tissue so it will tear more easily. Have the new piercing done to the right or left of the scar.

Instructions before surgery :

Patients are required to refrain from taking aspirin products for two weeks prior to surgery.

Instructions after surgery :

Antibiotic ointment is applied after surgery with a small bandage that is worn for a few days.

There is typically little discomfort, which may be treated with pain medication.

Some swelling or bruising may develop, but should resolve in a week or two.

Stitches are removed after about a week.

Showering is permitted during the recovery period.

Earlobes are usually re-pierced after 8 weeks.

Care is taken to avoid getting the ear bandage wet.

Declaimer: results may vary from person to person