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Centre of excellence for Liposuction and Male Chest Reduction (Gynaecomastia)

scar less breast surgery

Standard breast reduction techniques can produce dramatic changes in size and shape; but with obvious and noticeable scars. Many candidates for breast reduction have avoided the procedure because of these scars. A virtually “scar less” procedure is available with the use of this relatively new liposculpture-only breast reduction technique.

Ideal Candidates :

The breast reduction is beneficial for women desiring to reduce her breasts by only one-cup size, and will not tolerate any obvious scars.

Older patients whose request is purely functional and will be delighted with a one or two cup size reduction, or for the woman who requests “As small as you can go. The shape is not my problem.”

In select individuals to correct breast asymmetry (one breast larger than the other) .

It may be used in conjunction with a breast lift procedure, which may allow shorter breast lift scars..


It will not lift the breast as dramatically as a standard breast reduction or breast lift would. However, the obvious scars are avoided.

It is not meant for those with large, flat, pendulous breasts


There is significant, reduction in breast size with this technique. Many patients with more conservative expectations are very happy with the ability to decrease their breast size with a less invasive operation with a much shorter recovery. The cost of the procedure is considerably less as well.

It is an excellent option for patients with other medical conditions (diabetes, asthma) who cannot tolerate a larger, traditional, operation.

Procedure :

Scar less” breast reduction isperformed with twilight sleep anaesthesia, plus local anaesthesia. It uses the tumescent liposuction technique where saline mixed with epinephrine (a medication to constrict blood vessels) is infiltrated throughout the breasts. Several small incisions (as used in standard liposuction) are hidden in the crease under the breast, in the armpit, and on the border of the areola. Liposculpture then reduces the breasts in the deep, middle, and superficial layers allowing a reduced breast size and a modest elevation of the nipple level. . The operation takes a fraction of the time required for traditional surgery, usually one hour or less. No sutures are used.

Another wonderful feature of the Scar less surgery is its use in “asymmetry”. This is a condition where the two breasts are in different size. As this is often present in the young patient, we are especially pleased to be able to offer this operation to adjust the size, without leaving a visible scar.

There is little or no pain during the postoperative period. Patients are encouraged to resume full activity as soon as they feel up to it. The scar is about ΒΌ inch, in the fold under the breast. This is where the cannula for the liposuction is introduced. There are no blood transfusions and as there is no “cutting”, the ability to breast feed is not affected.

With constant advances in the art of liposuction, we can consistently get a 1-3 cup size reduction in each breast. Remember, the female breast is composed of at least 50% fat by the age of 35. Liposuction, with special instruments, will remove fatty tissue but not the firmer glandular tissue. After surgery, the skin shows a dramatic degree of shrinkage, with the nipple/areola often rising 1-2 inches once fully healed. So you can see that the operation provides asignificant lift in most patients, but the amount of lift is determined by the patient’s elastic skin characteristics, not skin removal. This allows the operation to function without scars


Routine laboratory testing is often performed to assess fitness for surgery.

Mammograms are ordered in all patients 30-40 years old and over in order to detect any possible abnormalities and to serve as a baseline for postoperative comparison.


The dressings will be changed in the evening and again the next day after surgery. No drains are needed.

You will be placed into a supportive, sport-type bra, and should wear a bra when out and about for at least 6 months to maximize the lift that the surgery can provide.

Declaimer: results may vary from person to person